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  • Venture capital firms and funds in Europe

    It is well known that the United States monopolized the venture capital market until recently. During the last few years, the European venture capital market started to develop and rapidly gained territory. It is good to know that the European venture capital funds are structured in a similar form as the U.S. ones which makes it easier for companies to obtain the needed funds. More than $4 billion European venture funds have been received by different companies since 2006, tendency that clearly shows the development of this market in the European regions.

    Plenty European companies are ready to risk a certain amount of money in a start-up that looks viable and profitable. Since 2007, European venture capitalist showed there interest for the companies that are likely to go public. It was then that the venture capital market for initial public offerings reached the amount of $67 billion.

    ORESA Ventures is a Swedish venture capital firm that invests in the central and East European market, gaining, sometimes, even 8 times more than the amount they invested. Innova Capital, GED Capital Developers, Luxembourg’s Mangrove Capital, Benchmark Capital or Truffle Capital are just a few other firms that are willing to invest important funds in businesses that have a very promising growing rate.

    When thinking about attracting venture capital from firms in Europe, you should keep in mind that there are certain aspects that need to be carefully thought

    • Firstly, you should locate the European countries where there are plenty of venture capital firms that invested big amounts of funds during the last few years.
    • Afterwords, you should research the market in order to find out which are the venture capital firms that would most likely invest in your company.
    • You should also research the funding history in your segment of activity, that is to see which European venture capital firms funded companies similar to yours and which were the projects that have been awarded.
    • You should put down your ideas in a very well organized business plan that will offer the European venture capitalist all the needed information in a very concise and precise way. Do not forget that the business plan represents the preliminary interference with the investor. They will definitely drop out your option if the business plan is not highly professional.

    When ready to present your business plan to venture capital firms, take into consideration the fact that you don’t have to rely on only one investor as Europe is filled with venture capital firms that are ready to invest in great ideas that are very likely to grow.