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  • 128 Venture Capital Group

    The 128 Venture Capital Group was established in 1982 by Michael Belanger, and the idea was to connect the exclusive world of Venture Capital to the public that are situated along the Route 128 high-tech corridor. With the rapid growth of high-technology industry in the suburban areas along Route 128 from the 1960s to the 1980s, Route 128 came to symbolize the Boston high-tech community itself. Early speakers in the monthly meetings were CEOs and venture capitalists.

    “Having several million dollars of money waiting to be invested, on our podium, it would attract entrepreneurs,” said Belanger. The entrepreneurs, in turn, became a magnet for more investors. One of the big draws was the format in which everyone introduced themselves and spoke of their ideas, said those who attended. The forum was also used for job hunting, even by those outside traditional venture capital-fueled industries. “It makes things much more efficient than … hoping you’re sitting next to someone interesting,” said Gene Pettinelli, a partner with Cambridge-based early-stage venture capital firm CambridgeLight Partners.

    The 128 Venture Capital Group held its last meeting in December of 2004.