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  • Assess Venture Capital

    When seeking for financial support in order to start-up or to expand your company, you should take into consideration the fact that investors are very picky when choosing whom they want to fund. Your business plan should refer to the market demands for the product or service your idea is about. Moreover, your business plan should bring out the qualification of your team in succeeding in doing the job and the timeframe in which your company will become profitable. You can include mitigating milestones in the description of your business’s development plan in order to persuade investors of your project success. Enthusiasm and optimism are other very important details when pitching for your project. But you should keep in mind the fact that ventures that are not motivated by anything else than enthusiasm rarely succeed, so you should pay just as much attention to the other requirements of a well-done business plan.

    After convincing venture capital firms of the viability of your business, investors commence to assess and review the company and its management. This is the moment when most of the details concerning the needed figures and timeframes in the business plan are revised by well-trained specialists. By analyzing the management information systems, the assumptions on which financial assumptions were based, the forecasting techniques and the accuracy of past techniques, the latest management accounts, the bank facilities and leasing agreements, the employee contracts and the pension funding, investors will be able to correctly assess the market prospects and the technical viability of the preposition and to decide whether to fund your project or not. Note that there are projects which do not obtain funding from a certain investor because he is not so familiar with the specific field of activity and he doesn’t want to get involved into a project which he cannot master. So, before choosing the investors you will try to persuade, prospect the venture capital market in order to see which are the venture capital firm that have previously funded projects resembling to yours.